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Aetna Review - Individual Health Insurance Plans & Pricing

History of Aetna

If you are shopping for health insurance, you’ve inevitably come across an Aetna plan. Aetna has surprisingly been around for what seemed like forever. Founded in 1853, Aetna first sold life insurance policies, and entered the world of health insurance in 1899.

Today, Aetna is one of the 3 largest health insurance companies in the US (although it is international as well), with about 23 million members and a nearly $65 billion in revenue. This health insurance giant easily sits as a member of the Fortune 500 and is run by the CEO and Chairman, Mark Bertolini.

Aetna Plans and Prices

As of 2018, Aetna will no longer be offering individual health insurance plans. Aetna decided to completely remove itself from the health insurance marketplace after sustaining significant financial losses.

Aetna had entered the health insurance marketplace in 2014, the year it was created, and stopped selling individual plans outside of the marketplace. As of 2017, Aetna offered the following plans:

Aetna Marketplace Plans

Plan Type Percent of Essential Benefit Covered Monthly Premium
Aetna Bronze Plan 60% Low cost - Low quality
Aetna Silver Plan 70% Average premiums - Average out-of-pocket costs
Aetna Gold Plan 80% High premiums - Low out-of-pocket
Aetna Platinum Plan 90% Highest premium - Lowest out-of-pocket costs

Aetna Employer Coverage

Aetna group coverage is offered for businesses of all sizes. Employers love Aetna because of their library of online resources that are easily accessible for employees, and variety of packages which can include dental, vision, disability, and more.

Aetna Dental Coverage

Even though Aetna will not be offering individual health insurance in 2018, some states will still have the option to enroll in dental coverage. If you live in Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, Illinois, or Pennsylvania, you have one more option for dental coverage.

For those who don’t live in the 5 states where Aetna dental is offered, there is another option (unless you live in Montana or Vermont). Aetna has a program called Vital Savings by Aetna Dental Discount Program, which is essentially a discount card that starts at $7.99/month. This card can end up saving you anywhere from 15% to 50% on dental services you receive, which may be a better alternative to dental insurance if you already have a great smile.

Aetna Student Coverage

With a stellar reputation, it’s no wonder about 200 universities chose to work with Aetna. Aetna Student Health allows college students to find affordable health coverage. It’s worth taking a look at these health plans which may even reimburse your school’s expenses if you get sick or can’t finish.

Medicare and Medicaid

Along with managing the Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP), Aetna also offers Medicaid and Medicare plans for individuals in select states. If you live in Arizona, Nebraska, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, or Maryland, you may be eligible.

Aetna Reviews

There is a lot to like about Aetna with the plans they do offer. However, if you are looking for an individual health insurance plan in 2018, you will have to look elsewhere. Aetna no longer offers health coverage through the marketplace, but you can still compare health insurance quotes in your area through First Quote Health.

Even though individual health insurance is not offered, there are still plan available. For example, you can enroll in Aetna Dental (if you live in the 5 states it is offered), employer coverage, Medicaid, Medicare, and even specialize health insurance plans for students called Aetna Student Health.

Aetna has a great track of offering quality health insurance at some of the best rates. Also, with an extensive network of about 1.15m healthcare professionals, about 665,000 primary care physicians, and over 5,600 hospitals, you can safely assume you are covered wherever you go. However, what they do offer is extremely limited, and if you are looking for health coverage, you will need to look elsewhere.

As a member, Aetna definitely has one of the best online presences. Their website and healthcare tools are nearly flawless and are incredibly easy to navigate.

Aetna Fun Fact

Aetna was officially formed in 1853, and it’s name was inspired by Mt. Etna, which was the most active volcano in Europe at the time.